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Need for Speed World Hack Review

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I’ve been playing the game Need for Speed World and I must say, it’s an awesome massive multiplayer game about racing. Just like the Need for Speed Series only this time it’s all online.

As we all know, video games tend to have cheats and hacks, but unfortunately not online video games, because, the save games or player profiles aren’t stored on the computer where the game is located, but rather than on game publishers servers far away from you.

As I was playing this game, it tends to get very repetitive and very slow to get money or the in game cash system “boost points”. Actually you can’t get boost points for doing something in the Need for Speed World. You must purchase them with your real world money, and that’s where it gets frustrating, because you can’t progress in the game without those boost points.

Lucky for us there are hackers that tend to make online hacks just for games like this. You probably have heard of other first person shooter games that have an aimbot hacks or something similar.

I’ve been talking too much. I know..

Here are the hacks I’m reviewing.

Need for Speed World Boost Hack and Money Hack

Need for Speed World Boost Hack and Money Hack

You can download the hacks from official web page – Need for Speed World Cheats

The first thing I’ve done, was watches the videos of the hacks in action. The videos clearly showed that the Need for Speed World Hacks work and it didn’t seem like fake footage or a montage.

So, I downloaded and started the Need for Speed World Boost Hack and went straight in to the game and logged into my profile.

What do you think happened next?

No, you’re wrong.

I’ve activated the hack and waited 3 minutes and saw that my Boost Points balance was increased by 5000 points. I didn’t believe it and played the next 30 minutes like I play the game every day. After that time the points was still the same, so I decided to buy something with them. So I bought what I could for 5000 boost points and I received it successfully.

Okay, so the Need for Speed World Boost Hack is working very nicely, so I tried the other hack – Money Hack. Money in the game isn’t a problem, but still it’s quite nice to get richer fast as I can buy upgrades for the cars and other new cars for it.

I’ve did the same steps as for the boost hack and this hack also worked. However, I had to wait a bit longer for the money to show up. But once it did, I was able to spend the money for whatever I wanted.

This concludes my review for both of these hacks.

I will edit this post after 10 days and update you on the information if my account is banned or not.


My account is still intact and with all the new stuff I have bought from using these hacks.

You can access these hacks by clicking on NFS World Cheats