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Big Gasoline Remote Control Cars

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With the evolution of technology, it seems like there is no end to the possibilities. There is improvement every day, and you really have to be familiar with the matter to follow all those new trends and enhancements. One of the advantages that has been brought upon us thanks to the technology advancement, is that now we have a variety of radio controlled cars to choose from.

Gas Powered RC car

From the beginning itself, it looked like rc cars industry is going to make some difference in the entertainment department, but today, it looks like rc cars are all over the market, flooding us with new models every single day. Because of that, I think that it could prove to be important if we get to know something more about the history of radio controlled cars. Their history as early as 1966, when Italian factory El-Gi from Reggio Emilia made their first model, Ferrari 250LM 112. Next big thing was Ferrari P4 110, which was shown at Milan Toy Fair in 1968. Also, during 1960 there was a company called Mardave, from Leicester, UK. They were producing mostly gasoline rc cars, and their products could be bought in their town and several places around Leicester, somewhere around 1970.

However, first models were very basic. They could go left, right or center, and there were no different speeds. They could either stop or go, and that was about it. Sure, today it may seem like a funny and basic thing, but at the time, it was the best they could do. More modern development could be seen in the mid-1980s. In 1984, Associated Electrics, Inc. from California released RC10, which classified as pretty advanced rc car. It had chassis made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and tunable shock absorbers, also made of aluminum alloy. Also, its wheels consisted of three pieces. I think that I don’t even have to say how much of the improvement this was, considering all similar products that were released prior to this model. WIth all these attributes, RC10 almost instantly became leading model in the radio controlled cars industry.

Two years after RC10, CAT vehicle was released by Schumacher Racing Products. This rc car was best four wheeler of that time. This was confirmed next year, when it won off-road world championship in 1987. Gil Losi Jr. from the Ranch Pit Shop RC in Pomona, California, founded Team Losi, after spending years and years studying in the area of injected molded plastics. Team Losi was a pioneer in many fields of the rc car industry. They were the first to release rc cars with completely natural rubber tires, and they were the first to release an American-made four wheeled racing buggy.

Losi and Associated continued to dominate the US market, but two new companies have emerged as their fiercest competition. First one is Traxxas, from the US (famous for their T-MAXX model), and Kyosho, from Japan. on the other hand, Schumacher Raing Products are still holding the biggest share in the European market. Visiting SwellRC will set you up with all the necessary information about gasoline rc cars.